Who uses it?

  1. Transportation Brokers
  2. Transportation Providers / MediRoutes Clients
  3. Third Party Administrators

How can it be used?

Trip/Ride Management

  1. Get a list of trips by date
  2. Create a trip
  3. Update a trip
  4. Update the status of a will call trip
  5. Cancel a trip
  6. Obtain real-time trip status
  7. Subscribe to trip-level webhooks

Rider/Passenger/Patient Management

  1. Create a rider
  2. Update a rider
  3. Obtain rider details

User Management

  1. Create a user
  2. Update a user
  3. Obtain user details & permissions
  4. Deactivate a user
  5. Fetch timekeeping records

Funding Source / Payer Management

  1. Create a funding source
  2. Update a funding source
  3. Obtain funding source details
  4. Deactivate a funding source
  5. Subscribe to funding source-level webhooks