Rate Limiting / Endpoint Throttling

In order to uphold the highest standard of performance and reliability for each API consumer, our architecture incorporates both a comprehensive global rate limiting strategy as well as endpoint-specific limitations. This approach, as detailed below, is designed to ensure optimal service delivery while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of each individual API endpoint.

Exceeding these rate limits will result in a response code of 429. If are are experiencing a large number of responses with this status code, our recommendation is to use an exponential backoff retry policy.

EndpointRate LimitNotes
/*300 requests per minute per IPGlobal Rate Limit. This rate limit is applied to all request unless otherwise specified in this table.
/token10 requests per minute per IPAuthentication Endpoint. It is advised to cache authorization tokens for 23 hours
/singletrip/withrider60 requests per minute per IP
webhook/gps/vehicle60 requests per minute per IPSubscribe to vehicle gps